Many people in Northern Ireland were the victims of abuse at the hands of those entrusted with their care in many forms of institutions, such as training schools, borstals, children’s homes.

Anyone who was subject to physical, sexual or psychological abuse while under 18 and in the care of such homes between 1922 -1995 may be eligible for compensation with a variety of awards available depending on the nature of the abuse and the effect of same. You can apply on behalf of someone who died on, or after, 28 April 1953 if you are the deceased persons:

  • surviving spouse;
  • civil partner;
  • cohabiting partner;
  1. A standard award payment of £10,000 only;
  2. An enhanced award payment of between £10,001 and £80,000; and
  3. An amount of £20,000 if the application is made by or in respect of a person who was sent to Australia under the Child Migrant Programme.

Applications are made to The Historical Institutional Abuse (HIA) Redress Board and we can assist clients in making an online application and advising on the merits of any claims making the procedure for making an application for compensation to be as simple as possible.

Contact one of our offices where one of our experienced and helpful legal advisors can guide you through the process and make an already difficult time slightly easier or email us via the enquiry form.